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RPC Payload

Execution Layer Encoding

field type description
network_id string The network on which you want the simulate the transaction. One of:
block_number number Block height. If left out the pending block will be used
transaction_index number The index of the transaction inside the block.
Note: This parameter must be omitted or 0 when the block_number property is left out
from string The originating address for the simulated transaction
to string The destination address for the simulated transaction
input string ABI encoded input for the transaction
gas number The gas limit for the transaction
gas_price string The gas price for the transcation
value string The ETH value sent in the transcation
simulation_type string Either full or quick. full simulations use the contracts source code to generate a full trace, while the quick simulation will only use the contracts bytecode. If omitted, the default value is full. raw is available as well as the fastest one, which skips some steps
save boolean Whether or not to save this simulation for later inspection
save_if_fails boolean Save the simulation if the simulated transaction failed
state_objects map[address]StateObject Use provided state objects to overwrite current state objects at address
contracts []Contract Array of contract deployment info (exactly like contract upload requests). Will use the source field to overwrite the contracts source at a given address.
block_header BlockHeader BlockHeader override. Used to change the timestamp or block number inside the EVM. Consists of timestamp and number both of which are optional. timestamp and number are hexadecimal values starting with 0x.