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Node Operators

Please coordinate with us to register your validator set with our registry service. We will provide you with the necessary information to get started.


Connecting to the relay without being registered will result in your validator operating correctly so long as MEV Boost is also running.

Mainnet Information

  • L2 RPC:

  • Beta bundle RPC:

    • Description: Beta bundle submission RPC
    • URL:
    • Method: mev_sendBetaBundle
    • Parameters:
      • txs: List of txs as bundle e.g. [0x2323...,]
      • slot: slot number e.g. "11282389"
    • ChainId: 1

Builders and searchers

Aquire some Holesky Testnet ETH through a faucet in the resources listed below. If you are unable to secure enough, please reach out to us.


L2 Auctioneer: 0x86Bc75A43704E38f0FD94BdA423C50071fE17c99

L2 SettlementHouse: 0x80C5FfF824d14c87C799D6F90b7D8e0a715bd33C

L1StandardBridgeProxy: 0x490B959870889D5FA0B329431683B8B3e850DD95

To monetize yourself on L2, send some ETH on L1 to 0x490B959870889D5FA0B329431683B8B3e850DD95